Thinking Skinny by Nadia Giordana

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. –Edwin Lewis Cole

I am a woman much like you, struggling with weight issues, sincerely searching for workable solutions. I’ve learned that if you can envision the body you want, you can embody that vision; and it’s not the individual diet plan you choose that matters most, it’s your commitment to making permanent lifestyle changes.  —Nadia Giordana

In the book THINKING SKINNY you will learn step-by-step how Nadia lost 88 pounds and you will learn how to apply the techniques she used to your own life. 2016 special note: 9 years later, Nadia continues to maintain a healthy weight.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the revised edition of  THINKING SKINNY. It is also in stock and distributed nationwide by Amazon.com.


No stomach surgery, no pills, and no kooky dieting. THINKING SKINNY™ by Nadia Giordana outlines an easy and effective faith-based, common sense methodology for boosting your weight loss results.

Nadia says, “This is not a diet in the trendy sense of the word. There are plenty of hot new diet books on the market at any given time and they all work for a while. If you apply this technique to a sensible eating plan, I am confident you will lose weight and will keep it off as planned. Exercise is not an absolutely necessary component of this program, but if you are able to be active, your results will be better. I was not able to begin any weight-bearing exercise until I had lost more that 60 pounds because of a leg injury, so the first 70 pounds I lost was accomplished without the benefit of exercise. However, this is not a ‘get out of exercise free card’. I have now happily begun to incorporate exercise into my new, healthier lifestyle.”


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