Size zero? c’mon now.

What’s with the new sizing? We are getting larger and more obese nationwide and to make our ballooning population feel better about themselves (thus encouraging sales) clothing manufacturers have taken to downsizing women’s dresses.  No one wants to buy clothes in a larger size, so if that ‘8’ you bought last week fits, it doesn’t mean you are the same size you were 10-15 years ago, and I think you know that. Women’s dress sizes have changed significantly in recent years. If a gal wears a size 2 today in ready-to-wear clothing, 20 years ago she would have worn a size 7/8. “Vanity sizing,” as it is called, has become the norm. Case in point: I just bought a blazer in size 1 and I can tell you, it compares in fit to some old size 4’s and 6’s I wore a number of years ago.  That same day, I bought a pair of size .5 slacks. Yes, that store actually offered pants in fraction sizes. Not all manufacturers are doing this and I applaud those that don’t, because really, size zero? What’s next, -1? -2?

Nadia Giordana

One thought on “Size zero? c’mon now.

  1. One of my sister-in-laws wore anywhere from size zero to size 1… for years. The last time she visited though, she looked more like a size 10. When I met my husband, I wore size 3. I promise you this, I am no longer a size 3! Last summer I was back down to size 4-6. However, lack of activity has added a few pounds and I need a whole new wardrobe for the coming summer.

    I am going to take what you post to heart and get back on track with thing.

    thanks for sharing.

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