Is it a binge, a slip, an indulgence, or a treat?

The following definitions should help you determine how your between meal eating habits hold up under scrutiny:

1. A binge can be identified by its trademark consumption of large quantities of food (to the point of feeling over full) in a short period of time. A binge is usually accompanied by a feeling of being out of control and followed by intense guilt.

2. A slip is much less encompassing because it doesn’t involve food in large quantities and is not as out of control. It still fosters a certain amount of guilt and might even be considered an averted or partial binge.

3. With an indulgence, you are in control and have given yourself permission to eat the item in question, thereby nullifying any guilt.

4. A treat or a snack on the other hand, is either planned or anticipated as part of your regular diet.

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