Learn to Handle Stress

Personal growth comes from making wise choices every day.

I don’t mention this often, but it’s important to handle stress in healthy ways in order to lose weight and maintain it at a healthy level. I am one of those persons who would, if I let myself, turn to food for comfort when life becomes stressful. In addition to that, I tend to want to eat when I’m bored. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and feel bored. I’m not making a joke, it’s an odd quirk. As long as I’m aware of it, I can go back to sleep without snacking.

I digress, let’s go back to handling stress. Life will always be stressful, and when that changes, it may only be to become more stressful. This is why we must find healthy ways to deal with it that don’t involve eating. Vigorous walking is one of my favorite things. It works for me, and it burns calories. it’s a perfect solution. Whatever method you choose to handle stress, it needs to be enjoyable, and something you can do consistently. When life drops a bomb on me, I go for a walk, rather than eating or drinking. That reminds me: alcohol offers only empty calories, and it’s addicting. It’s not a solution. Leave it behind as a part of your lifestyle change. I know this last point will be unpopular, but I stand by it as part of a healthy overhaul of one’s daily routine. Personal growth comes from making wise choices every day.

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