Thinking Skinny is an important part of my Lifestyle changes

Book launch at Two Rivers Music Festival

At the recent launch of my newest book, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age,” I was surprised (at first) to see copies of Thinking Skinny selling just as rapidly as those of my new book. And why not? The information is just as relevant as it was three years ago–and will continue to be.


Newspaper article in home town paper

I have always been partial to my home town and it’s newspaper.  I was immensely pleased to do an interview recently (Click the scanned image below to read.) Or read it online here.

THINKING SKINNY is MIPA award finalist

THINKING SKINNY from Cloud 9 Publishing is a finalist in the 20th Annual Midwest Book Awards ( Social Science (psychology, family, self-help) category.  Here we are at the Award ceremonies May 12th at the Minnesota Center for the Humanities and although we didn’t take first place, I couldn’t be happier. Pictured below left to right: Connie Anderson (she did the final editing of Thinking Skinny), my husband Chuck Kasun, and me (Nadia Giordana).

Such a thrill to be included among so many great 2009 releases.

Laurie Beebe writes foreword to Thinking Skinny

Foreword to Thinking Skinny by nationally known speaker and registered dietician, Laurie Beebe:

“Anyone who has ever tried losing weight knows how difficult and frustrating it can be. Anyone who has successfully lost weight and kept if off knows what it really takes. In Thinking Skinny, Nadia takes us through her personal journey and shows us what worked for her.

This is not another diet book—it is a perspective on weight loss from a person who has accomplished what she set out to do, and more! Within these pages you will find the keys to long-term weight loss. Nadia goes beyond healthy eating and physical activity to the deeper aspects that work to achieve success in any area of life—goal setting, self-monitoring, and most of all, faith and belief in one’s self.

She addresses these important components that are missing from all the typical “quick weight loss” diet plans, as she tells her story of struggle and triumph. The reactions of friends and relatives; the discovery of a new, thinner person within: these are all parts of the episode we become privy to that are seldom shared.

In this book you will find accurate nutritional facts, tips to become more active, delicious recipes, and the personal story of a woman who lost weight by “thinking skinny.” Additionally you will discover inspiration to follow the path that worked for Nadia, or perhaps choose among her strategies to design your own blueprint for weight loss success.”

Laurie Beebe, MS, RD, LD Laurie is a practicing diet coach, a registered dietitian certified in adult weight management, a former university nutrition professor, a mentor, and a nationally known speaker on the topic of weight loss. Please visit her website: