Tami Cox lost three dress sizes and got her sexy back

tn_Tamis BEFORE AFTER Promo Pic JAN 2013bI (Nadia Giordana) met Tami Cox a few years ago at a networking event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I don’t remember specifics, except that she bought my book, Thinking Skinny. It was some time later that our paths crossed again and she mentioned that my book had inspired her to lose weight. She took from the book, what worked for her and then devised her own weight-loss program. Tami lost three dress sizes and is looking and feeling great. She deserves applause for everything she is doing. She’s a writer, so don’t be surprised if a book comes out of this.

Catalyst, spark, inspiration. Whatever you call it, I’m pleased to have been a small part of her story. This is what I expect my books and my life example to do, period. After that, readers, you should run with what you learn like Tami did and make it your own. When you do, your transformation or life change will be real and permanent.

Tami Cox helps women and couples put the SIZZLE and the SEXY back in their marriage. She is a published author, speaker, and love coach. After reading Thinking Skinny, she was inspired to transform her body and get her sexy back! Click the bold type to read more of her story of success. Also, to check out her business and spice up your life, visit her website at The Business of Love.

Thinking Skinny is an important part of my Lifestyle changes

Book launch at Two Rivers Music Festival

At the recent launch of my newest book, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age,” I was surprised (at first) to see copies of Thinking Skinny selling just as rapidly as those of my new book. And why not? The information is just as relevant as it was three years ago–and will continue to be.

Newspaper article in home town paper

I have always been partial to my home town and it’s newspaper.  I was immensely pleased to do an interview recently (Click the scanned image below to read.) Or read it online here.

Erik Estabrook interviews Nadia Giordana about Thinking Skinny

I had a great interview this evening with Erik Estabrook, a young adult with autism. His accomplishments help dispel some of the myths about autism. He was a thoughtful and charming host, and has a great Internet radio program. We talked about Thinking Skinny and my upcoming book, Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age (to be released in a few months), we read some poetry, and talked about goal setting and making important changes in your life. To Listen, click here.

Sharing my conversation with Ali Vincent (season 5 Biggest Loser). Hear what she has to say, it’s infectious!

Nadia Giordana, left; Ali Vincent, right

On my latest venture, an Internet radio show titled Interviews with extraordinary Women, I recently had a terrific conversation with Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser. Click on the image to listen to what Ali has to say about how her life has changed since losing 112 pounds and winning the title, what she does to maintain her new healthier body, and what tips she has for the rest of us.

Meeting Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser

I am holding a copy of Ali’s book, “Believe It, Be It” as she hold a copy of “Thinking Skinny.”

Ali Vincent, season 5 winner of the Biggest Loser TV program and my “secret buddy” throughout my own weight loss success story, was at the Mall of America today to talk about her new book, Believe it, Be it. I was delighted to talk with her and get a signed copy of her book. I was also pleased to be able to present her with a copy of my book, Thinking Skinny (Ali was surprised and pleased to learn that she played a role in keeping me on track with my weight program in 2007-8 and that I wrote about her in Thinking Skinny.)

While I was there, I was taken aside by the Prevention magazine film crew to talk briefly on camera about how I tracked along with Ali while watching the program, the weight I lost, and how I came to write Thinking Skinny.