Vegan: Zucchini Pasta Two Ways

I simply must share this one because zucchini pasta is something that is in my refrigerator all the time. Later on I will show you how I (Nadia Giordana) do it, but today, Gail Roddy is in the spotlight with her vegan versions and they are delicious and easy to make.

Release Sugar and Reclaim Vitality

Professional Coach, Rita Johansen shares insights on sugar, how it affects our bodies and how she reversed her own blood sugar disorder and revitalized her life.

Lose weight and get healthy at any age

Nadia dressed in green jacket talking on camera to Jennifer wearing blue shirt

Nadia Giordana and Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami comparing weight-loss techniques.

I want readers to see this particular episode of WomanVision TV where Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami and I compare our similar yet different weight-loss journeys from the perspective of two different generations. Neither I nor Jennifer used traditional commercial diets. We designed our own individual plans, and each of us was successful at losing weight and keeping it off. Please watch our lively discussion as we compare notes and share techniques.

Nadia tells her weight-loss story on “It’s A Woman’s World”

Host Nadia Giordana, wearing green jacket, sitting at desk

As a guest on another show, Nadia gets a chance to tell her weight loss story.

On episode 17 of WomanVision TV, I share a clip of a guest appearance I made a few months ago on “It’s A Woman’s World.” It is a program produced in the St. Paul metro area at SPNN. Since I shared my personal story of weight loss and major life changes it will be of interest to Thinking Skinny readers. To watch the episode on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

Healthier party snacks

Nadia showing party snack mix in an oval aluminum bowl.

Nadia with her version of a popular party snack mix.

This episode of  WomanVision TV has direct relevance to weight-loss and healthier eating.

Going to picnics, homecomings, and football parties means bringing something to the table. There are always plenty of good-tasting things to choose from, but other than the gratuitous bowl of crudités, most of it will be highly caloric and laden with salt and fat. I’ll show how you can make crunchy, savory substitutes for greasy potato chips and overly salty snacks. The first one is a slow-cooker version of a popular party mix, and the second, is my best-loved, Sunbutter Kale Chips.

Soup and Salad 1-2-3

Two salads made with red cabbage

Cabbage Salads

The latest episode of WomanVision TV aired a few days ago. It is one of my cooking segments, so I know readers of Thinking Skinny will want to see it. I show step-by-step, how I make two of my favorite recipes: Salmon Chowder and Cabbage Salad. You can CLICK HERE to see it, or you can click on the image.