tn_Tamis BEFORE AFTER Promo Pic JAN 2013bTAMI COX helps women and couples put the SIZZLE and the SEXY back in their marriage. She is a published author, speaker, and love coach. After reading Nadia’s book Thinking Skinny, she was inspired to transform her body and get her sexy back! Click on the picture for a better look, and to read her story of success, visit her website at:


LAURIE BEEBE has been a registered dietitian for over 25 years and is certified in adult weight management. She is also a trained personal coach. Her blog, Ask The Diet Coach is the first place I (Nadia Giordana) go when I have a question. Looking for a personal coach? Visit her website at

Debbie Johnson has two cookbooks focused on gluten-free and low-glycemic cooking. Please visit her page for more information.

From the Department of agriculture: “Americans at the beginning of the 21st century are consuming more food and several hundred more calories per person per day than did their counterparts in the late 1950s (when per capita calorie consumption was at the lowest level in the last century), or even in the 1970s…” To read more of this chapter of  the Agriculture Fact Book, 2001-2002, CLICK HERE.

Additional dietary websites of good reputation will be added to this section as we become aware of them. Important: This website is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a trained medical professional. Readers are strongly advised to consult a physician before making any significant changes in lifestyle or dietary choices. Neither the author nor the publisher of this website and/or the book THINKING SKINNY, takes any responsibility for consequences resulting from actions taken after reading the information in this blog.

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