Why the Law of Attraction falls short for so many people and why I talk about that in THINKING SKINNY

The Law of Attraction has been making headlines in popular culture recently and it has captured the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of people. You may even have heard some people claim how well it works and others say that for them, it didn’t work very well. A number of reports now say that using the Law of Attraction produces inconsistent results. I’ve heard the same thing from women I’ve met recently, especially when we talked about weight-loss. They tried it and it didn’t work very well. Most said they lost some weight, but nothing significant or permanent.

The LOA is often described this way: All your thoughts, all images in your mind, and all the feelings connected to your thoughts can become part of your living, conscious reality. In other words, everything you have in your life now, has been attracted to you through your mind. Even things you don’t want will manifest themselves if that is how your attention is directed. If you worry about, or fear something in such a way that you place a great deal of mental energy onto it, you may unwittingly bring it into your life.

It’s my personal conviction that the reason for this inconsistency, failure if you will, isn’t because the premise is flawed, but because practitioners of the Law of Attraction are acting as their own agent. That’s not the best way to go about getting what you want.

Taking the statements I just made about the Law of Attraction one step farther for example, if you had legal issues, you wouldn’t try to be your own lawyer would you? Or better, doctor? I can talk about this with a certain authority having been a devotee of new thought pursuits for 25+ years before I eventually read the Bible, found real Truth, and became a Christian. Those early endeavors gave me a point of view not usually found in the average person. I’ve seen it from both sides.

When I decided to use positive thinking techniques in conjunction with my healthy lifestyle changes, I involved the Holy Spirit every step of the way, giving complete control to Him. I wholeheartedly believe this is what made my weight-loss efforts pay off so well, and so consistently. (I lost 88 pounds and nine dress sizes in 14 months.) My success came when I gave up the power to its true source instead of attempting to be my own “mini-god.” I didn’t just lose some weight, in my case the Holy Spirit took it to miracle status.

Excerpted from Chapter Two of  THINKING SKINNY by Nadia Giordana