Calculating your BMI

How to determine your BM!

Facts about BMI

Knowing how to calculate your BMI is one of many things you can do to be proactive in managing your weight. This link goes to a page that helps you make this calculation and determine your risk factors for health complications due to obesity. That same website also has some detailed descriptions of various forms of bariatric surgery (for informational purposes only). I am not a proponent of surgery other than as a last resort. Those who know me, know that I accomplished my 88 lb. weight loss with diet and exercise. I’ve kept my weight in a healthy range for over 10 years. However, I have a number of personal friends who have had versions of this kind of surgery with successful weight loss. They are happy with their choices. One other person I know lost weight and then gained it all back despite having the surgery. Another person I’m acquainted with, has had serious and life threatening complications. You are the steward of your body. Choose wisely.