Healthy changes bring big payoffs twofold

Nadia-Chuck before-after 2006-2013 copy

Click to enlarge: Chuck and Nadia before and after

Healthy changes bring big payoffs twofold. It was six years ago this month, August 4, 2007, that I made the decision to get my life back into balance and started living a healthier, happier lifestyle. I’ll never forget it. I knew beyond doubt that this time I would do it. Why? Because I wasn’t starting a diet, and I wasn’t losing weight for an event, or any one of the dozens of reasons we all start diets and fail. I knew because I was changing my habits permanently. (Eventually I went on to write this blog, and a book, Thinking Skinny, about my journey.)

My husband, Chuck Kasun, got started on the same path four years later in 2011. Look at him today! We both feel renewed. The thing about it is, because we made permanent lifestyle changes, we’re in a more comfortable, happier place than we would be otherwise. We’re not waiting for a diet to end so we can get back to everyday life. We have a fun, new lifestyle that includes bicycle riding, daily exercise, excursions, travel, projects, etc. What could be better than that? The couch and the easy chair are still there in our living room, they just don’t get as much use. We look happier too, don’t we?

Special note: I recently changed my primary care doctor and it turns out he is a respected obesity expert at the Mayo Clinic. I wish I had known him a few years ago. Even though he became my doctor after I lost weight, I’ve had some great conversations with him on the subject. It was validating to watch a recording of a lecture he gave on obesity and notice that the formulas and recommendations in my book, Thinking Skinny are in line with what he was teaching. How great is that!