Probiotics for breakfast: Making fermented oatmeal and homemade yogurt

Nadia Giordana in her kitchen using a slow cooker to make yogurt.

Use a slow cooker to make yogurt for your fermented oatmeal breakfast. (Click on image to go to video.)

Today’s blog post is born out of WomanVision TV’s episode number 10: Probiotics For Breakfast . In that episode, I show you how I incorporate probiotics (healthy bacteria) into my diet. You’ll see a  step-by-step demonstration on how to make fermented oatmeal (it tastes much better than it sounds). If you like oatmeal, you will love this recipe. It’s oatmeal, only better. If you don’t like oatmeal, this is not going to change your mind.

Then I’ll show you how to make homemade yogurt in a slow-cooker. The homemade yogurt method produces creamy results head-and-shoulders above anything you can get in the store. The video covers all the steps in this simple and easy way to update your morning routine. You can view the video and get the written instructions by clicking here.

Clean, simple, basic foods are always a good way to balance a busy life and maintain a healthy weight.

If you are interested in more technical information about fermented foods, and some history and examples, this video by Dr. Saila Reddy will help you a lot.