Golden Tea For What Ails You

yellow cup of tea

Golden Tea: Fights cancer, suppresses appetite, stimulates brain power.

They say Golden Tea has dozens of terrific health benefits for us. Among them, safeguarding against cancer, stimulating the brain and preventing Alzheimer’s, fighting bad bacteria in the body, helping you burn calories and suppressing the appetite, lowering blood sugar levels, helping the body absorb nutrients, improving circulation, clearing sinuses, strengthening the immune system, relieving headaches, improving digestion, fighting inflammation, easing depression, fighting allergies, and lessening arthritis pain.

I wasn’t 100% happy with the recipe I found on the Internet, so I came up with this version. I drink it first thing each morning and sometimes mid afternoon and rarely need coffee at all anymore. The upside? This tastes fantastic, not at all like a medicinal concoction. Here’s how I make mine:

Recipe: Warm a cup of water to 100-110 degrees (no hotter than you would use for dissolving yeast). Dissolve 1 teaspoon local raw honey in the water, stir in 1 tsp raw vinegar (with the mother), add 1 shake cayenne, 2 shakes powdered ginger, and 4 shakes turmeric powder. Stir with a silver spoon. Why silver? Because you’re worth it!

Note: As with any new food or drink, go easy and drink in small amounts until you are certain you don’t have an allergy to any of the spices.