Release Sugar and Reclaim Vitality

Professional Coach, Rita Johansen shares insights on sugar, how it affects our bodies and how she reversed her own blood sugar disorder and revitalized her life.

Nadia tells her weight-loss story on “It’s A Woman’s World”

Host Nadia Giordana, wearing green jacket, sitting at desk

As a guest on another show, Nadia gets a chance to tell her weight loss story.

On episode 17 of WomanVision TV, I share a clip of a guest appearance I made a few months ago on “It’s A Woman’s World.” It is a program produced in the St. Paul metro area at SPNN. Since I shared my personal story of weight loss and major life changes it will be of interest to Thinking Skinny readers. To watch the episode on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

Erik Estabrook interviews Nadia Giordana about Thinking Skinny

I had a great interview this evening with Erik Estabrook, a young adult with autism. His accomplishments help dispel some of the myths about autism. He was a thoughtful and charming host, and has a great Internet radio program. We talked about Thinking Skinny and my upcoming book, Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age (to be released in a few months), we read some poetry, and talked about goal setting and making important changes in your life. To Listen, click here.